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Here is a Top 10 list of ways to

make the season easier on you.

1) Always bring a new can of tennis balls to the match, Winner takes home the un-opened can.

2) If you and your opponent live far apart from each other, compromise on a court half-way in between to play. We have the best list of courts available for each city.

3) We do have offer a suggest schedule, but always try to schedule with a couple of players at a time. The more options you have the better the chance that your schedule will align with other players in the division.

4) Group emails hardly work, try phone calls and personal emails to schedule matches.

5) If a match has been scheduled several days out, always confirm you match within 24 hours beforehand.

6) Always have your opponents phone number with you on the way to the match.

7) The best approach on line calls are; if you're not sure then it most likely was in. If both players completely disagree, then replay the point.

8) If you're losing daylight and the match is tied, you can play a 7 or 10-point tie-breaker to determine the winner. Ties have no meaning in league play.

9) If you make an unforced error, no problem just learn from it and move onto the next point.

10) All scores should be reported online using the Submit Score page.
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